QotD: Licensed to Drive

Should we just be handing over the car keys when kids turn 16? Why or why not?

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha. No.

I didn’t get my license until I was 21 years old. And it’s not like I lived in a city with an excellent transportation system, the choices were basically drive yourself or get your mom to pick you up. Why did I wait so long? I knew without a doubt that I couldn’t handle the pressure. Driving is serious business – seriously expensive, seriously involved. And I didn’t have any place I really wanted to go anyway – school and home were about my main stops. There wasn’t money for a car of my own or insurance, gas, etc.

What finally pushed me over the edge? I was months away from graduating college and I had to spend a summer at an internship and I knew I’d have to drive myself. So, I took driver’s ed (for the second time – who the hell lets 15 year olds take drivers ed? What’s next, handing them loaded weapons at the age of 4?), did really well, took the test and got a perfect and – son of a gun – ended up a licensed driver. 

Do I wish I’d done the normal thing and done the work to get my license at 16? No, not really. I am serious about not being able to handle it at 16. I kind of wish I’d gone for it after high school, but still… no money for a car, what’s the point? 

Instead, I bought my own car after college. I paid for the experience dearly – new drivers, even those older than a teenager, pay a ton for car insurance. 

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