QotD: Dealer Takes All

Do you gamble? If so, what’s the largest sum of money you’ve ever won?

Here’s some irony: I’m an atheist but I think that gambling is a sin. I spent my 21st birthday with my husband (fiance at the time) in Las Vegas because I thought it sounded so totally fabulous (it wasn’t. Being 20 years 364 days old in Las Vegas suuuucked). Anyway, now that I have a job, a mortgage, and better know the value of things, I can’t imagine going to visit a city where the entire point is to walk in with, say, $100 and walk out with, say $0. I work a long time for $100 and I’d rather spend it on delicious Mexican food, shoes or stuff for my baby stuff stash. (Now there’s a gamble…will my husband find the enormous amount of Gymboree clothing and assorted baby things that I have in various closets in my house?)

So, the most I’ve won personally was $100 or so on a scratch off lotto ticket. (I do still love “scratchers”, especially when we’re on a road trip). And I spent all of it on cab fare back from the airport. Grrr.

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