QotD: Happy Memorial Day

How are you spending Memorial Day?

Husband left town early this morning (technically late Sunday night), so I am alone with the dogs. I have spent the time grocery shopping, web surfing, making my way through hours of episodes of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The SImpsons, Family Guy and American Dad. 

It is heavenly*. I love my husband massively and miss him terribly (terribly well?) but sometimes I just need the alone time. I need to catch up on liberal TV (or at least TV that doesn’t feature wisecracking detectives, secret military groups or conspiracy theorists in prison), I need to watch some girly stuff (well, my version of girly stuff = movies like Baby Mama, Knocked Up and Bridget Jones Diary, a movie my husband calls “Lainey’s Die Hard” because I will watch it whenever it comes on TV).


(And when I say heavenly, I say it knowing that by Wednesday I’ll be bored out of my mind).

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