QotD: My Favorite Vacation Spot

What is your favorite vacation destination to visit?


I haven’t had many fabulous vacations. Husband and I visited an Asian nation last fall and THAT was awesome, but only because we were there for two weeks, he had to work so was gone all day, so basically I just had to make sure I fed myself, called the hotel’s front desk to come pick up the laundry once or twice a week, and shop at mega malls. And I wrote, and I read and I napped and it was so completely perfect.

So, besides that (once in a lifetime trip!), I am always happy to visit my family up north. Just that awesome feeling of familiarity – oh, there’s my high school, there’s the crappy old mall (I swear I’m not a mallrat), there’s Grandma’s house. I love being home. 

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