So, husband was out of town. One of my big plans was to finish rereading and get some writing done on the novel I’ve been working on since I was a teenager (and not 19, I mean something like 13 years old). It’s stupid, but I’ve really done a lot of rewriting on the work and I am impressed by my words. (I guess any girl with her own domain and a secret blog must like their words! Ha!)

Anyway, so those were my intentions. Somehow, I still haven’t finished even the rereading. Usually when I read over what I have written I change a few words here, delete a paragraph there, debate a little about “Is that a natural response”, etc.

It makes me batshit crazy that I didn’t even finish the rereading. I look at the time when husband goes out of town to get stuff like that rolling and…feh. 


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