LaineyD talks about babies

So, I have decided that the minutiea of trying to conceive is too personal to go on my regular blog so I’m going to yammer about it over here instead. Frankly, the people who know me in real life do not need to know about this stuff. They worry about me. So I don’t blog about this at my home blog but then I feel like I don’t have any place to go to “talk” about it.

I do not ovulate on a regular/reliable basis. Up until this month, I have had regular, every 29 days or so, periods.
Husband’s semen volume is super low and what is there is mostly super dead.
We have been trying to get pregnant now for 24 months.
Four clomid cycles (2 @ 50 mg, 2 @ 100 mg).
1 HSG (clean!)
1 Semen analysis (a mess!)
1 positive ovulation prediction test (out of about 12)
0 big fugging positive pregnancy tests (out of about 40 – 6 of those were that very first month because it turns out that peeing on a stick is hard)

I don’t have a diggity-damned clue what’s next. Husband’s urologist said that he should stop taking his vitamin C supplement because Vitamin C can be detrimental to sperm but he didn’t say anything about if husband should take any of the supplements I have heard about on the internet. I think I will call and ask the nurse.

My ob/gyn mentioned me coming in after my next period, but why? I’ve spent most of the last two years believing that our inability to conceive is due to my ovulation issues, so hearing about husband’s issue is like being blindsided. Totally did not see that coming (he has a kid, a teenage son). So now it’s a dual issue. I feel like maybe it’s just about time to try and get us sent up to the big leagues, to a reproductive endocrinologist, someone who can say “oh, you want to be pregnant by Xmas? Let’s start looking at IUI right now”. I like my ob/gyn but I feel like he hems and haws. Husband turns 40 in a week and I’m already 32 and it feels like the time for waiting around is past.


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