Life, August 2009

This week, I have…

Watched exactly 0 hours of live TV (we cancelled Dish Network – we aren’t destitute, we just want to save money after going through 3 unraises this year)

Processed payroll 1 time (successfully!) 

Nearly bodily threw out a payroll salesweenie from my office Thursday. Seriously. If every time you call me to sell me your payroll service, I HANG UP on you, I do not want your service. You suck!

Took the afternoon off on Monday for a followup to our big July Medical Adventure (If anyone asks, an HSG is not nearly as painful as the internet would have you think. Getting less than promising results on husband’s semen analysis? Just as painful as you can imagine).

Been deeply angry at my body. Seriously – what the fuck? TMI Alert (dad, this means you!): What the hell kind of body decides that THIS is the month to deviate from its usual every 29 days cyclical perfection? We all know that being knocked up is a medical improbability (and, why, yes I have tested three times – big fugging negatives) so… for fuck’s sake, Auntie, stop looking at the bus schedule, the train timetable and the different plane fares on Orbitz. Get here and put me and my hope out of our fucking misery. Goddammit. (Edited to add: Aunt’s here. Thirty five day cycle. Incredible!)


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