QotD: Window or Aisle?

Window or aisle?

That depends on so many factors. How long is the flight? If I am in the window seat, do I know the person sitting next to me? Is this the last flight of the day for me or am I going to have to grab my carryon bag and my purse and heft it halfway through some massive airport to make it to a connecting flight? Do I have checked luggage that I will need to claim? Do I already have to go to the bathroom and didn’t have time because I had to break out in a dead run, like when Husband and I flew through Frankfurt, Germany on our way to Asia? (Seriously, I was pretty well convinced I would get left in Germany).

Actually, I know the answer to this one and it is true 100% of the time: I want an aisle seat as far forward in the plane as I can get. I’m 32 years old, so the allure of looking out the window is long gone. (Well, OK, it was pretty awesome for the last hour of the flight from Germany to Asia, although I had a huge migraine so I would rather have just died).


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