Goddammit, I’m going to be an aunt again. My brother and his wife are having a kid (their first). I knew I was playing with fire, waiting for them to eventually, accidentally, get pregnant. My request was simple: Me First.


UGH. They are idiots. They live with my parents. They have NO money. And now THEY get to have a kid???? This is so fucking unfair, I cannot even tell you. Husband and I have our problems, sure, but we solve them in OUR HOUSE with OUR MONEY. I feel so heartbroken. I don’t wish ill upon them, I just wish they would not have been so completely stupid. Okay, I kind of wish ill upon them, but not too ill. If something happened to my teeny tiny niece and/or nephew (OMG, twins???) I would never be able to forgive myself.


Why couldn’t it be me? Why do they get all the lucky breaks? My mom is so judgmental of Husband and I (she didn’t speak to me for an entire summer when I was in college) and acts like she could not care less whenever my brother and his dingbat wife do something worse. And UGH, I know they are going to give it some entirely stupid name, like Heaven spelled backward, Jazmine or some misspelled version of a decent name.



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